Spare Time (그게 말이 돼? pt. 1)

It’s May, and the yearly school festivals are back in town. In Korea, schools (especially big universities) have a culture of holding yearly festivals for their students. Usually in universities, there will be booths, street food, drinking tents, lots of alcohol, club parties, and the highlight–famous artists invited to perform during evenings. It’s a fun … More Spare Time (그게 말이 돼? pt. 1)

Selling the News

As I have mentioned in my blog before that I got into Yeungnam University’s English newspaper, The Observer. A few days ago, (Monday, May 15) our very first issue published as a team was finally out. It was just a 4-page, full coloured, tabloid-sized newspaper, but it’s birth was not without pains. Who knew a small publication … More Selling the News

드디어, 입학…

It’s here. It’s finally started. I’m finally a real university student. I honestly didn’t have any particular expectation at all, and I wasn’t excited at all. The only reaction I really had was frustration over the short break I had between 6급 and 입학날. And even during that short break, I had to have my … More 드디어, 입학…

Happily Ever After

A week or so before university classes started (around the last week of February), I got a text message from 진명 언니 (my Chinese friend/neighbour) saying, “Want to take a stroll with me?” It’s something she likes to do when she’s bored nowadays–ask me to take walks with her. I don’t mind. It’s good exercise. … More Happily Ever After