This is a private journal which I had started back in 2011, when I was just a young teenager living in Abu Dhabi. I was bored and was forced to keep a diary (even though I didn’t really want to), so I decided to open up a blog. Now that I am older, I thought I would want to continue this journal. My life is currently changing in a fast pace, and I would like to record memories and thoughts as often as I can.

This was from my very first blog post back in June 2, 2011, and the main point still rings true to me:

“I don’t really now what to blog about now and I really need to blog because they say that I need to keep nourishing my writing skills to make it bloom into the beautiful flower that it is.. Well, that’s what you get from a boring life; you run out of stories too quickly. It is very hard to write anything meaningful recently, since there hasn’t been anything significant that happened or came into my mind for the past few days.

Sometimes I start to think that my life is probably not progressing, and that I’m going to be stuck in this particular stage of my life for a long time. But when I recount the many significant things that happened for the last few months or years, I start to see how fast the time has actually passed, without knowing it. After that, it makes me hopeful. ‘I’m not stuck here after all. Because last year, everything was completely different from today. Even the past months were different from today.’

Even though it is not fast enough to be noticed, things does change, and time does pass. 

This blog may be short but I hope that I have made my point here.”

It’s funny to think that back then I thought being stuck in a moment was such an awful thing. But now, I would do anything just to go back and relive some really good memories. And at times, I even want to just stop time and stay in certain moments forever. It’s true, kiddo. You’re not stuck at all. In fact, you’re moving to fast. Try not to move too fast. Slow down, take a moment, and don’t rush. I beg you.