Recently, I’ve been having terrible mood swings. Most of the time I’m just on the low side but every now and then I get a little glimpse of hope that makes me smile at least. But in the end, my mood always drops down a hundred meters below sea level that I hardly even see … More Loner


In order for our life to have direction, we need GOALS. We need a destination when we go on a trip, you know. In our homeschool, we have these goal cards where we are supposed to write down how many pages were plan on doing for the day, and we’re supposed to do whatever we … More Goals


Once I had a friend named Brad Umbrella or bread I’d never understand Coz of cows he is scared And on rooftops he cries, “I am Tim called the bass man” But that’s a surprise Coz I’m afraid you ain’t Foreman But, man For a fan of the foot, you’re still somewhat rad.

New Way to be Human

This is another of my old journal entries. My dad wanted me to write about how I feel about moving to a new place. Monday, Novermber 23, 2009 We moved here to Abu Dhabi from the Philippines back in May 21, 2009. There are a lot of things that are very different from our old … More New Way to be Human