Growing Up

Now that I am living alone, it’s safe to say that I’m officially supposed to be an adult. Yeah by the time you’re 18-19, you’re supposed to know how to take care of yourself and do all sorts of adult stuff. But in the first few months of trying to “adult” I realized that I … More Growing Up


(a rant by me) On “15 minute or so” repetitive worship songs: I hate this one. The repetition of lines is abused already. It should end when it ends. When it’s too long, it loses its artistic value, everyone gets tired, and nobody wants to listen anymore. This goes of every song out there. Music … More JUST END IT ALREADY


Recently, I’ve been having terrible mood swings. Most of the time I’m just on the low side but every now and then I get a little glimpse of hope that makes me smile at least. But in the end, my mood always drops down a hundred meters below sea level that I hardly even see … More Loner


In order for our life to have direction, we need GOALS. We need a destination when we go on a trip, you know. In our homeschool, we have these goal cards where we are supposed to write down how many pages were plan on doing for the day, and we’re supposed to do whatever we … More Goals