English Class Fiasco

[This is an editorial I wrote for the issue of The Yeungnam Observer (our university’s English Newspaper) coming out on December 2017.] The Problem with International Student’s English Class Schools and other learning institutions usually come up with and follow a set curriculum they require for their students. Our university, Yeungnam University, does the same. Curriculums are … More English Class Fiasco

Enough to Let Me Go

(Note: This was previously on private but I have revised it in light of my recent thoughts and experiences.) Nowadays, I often think about the novel Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. To be honest, it’s been years since I read that book and I only ever read it once so I don’t remember most of … More Enough to Let Me Go

Not Alone

For a long time in the UAE, I struggled with loneliness. Nobody really knew about it except maybe my sister, but I longed for friends. After I lost my very best friends in the Philippines, I was excited to make new ones but throughout my time in the UAE, all I had were acquaintances who … More Not Alone

Lovely Eyes

  LOVELY EYES To the boy with the loveliest eyes, Where are you now? Where have you gone? Everywhere I look, I see you; Every time I reach out, you fade. How can the image of your warm gaze still linger? Even when you are no longer there, I still feel you; Even in the … More Lovely Eyes