Music Questions

Got this from my sister’s old blog and decided to do it as well. Okay, let’s start! 1: Top 10 favorite songs of all time This is a tough question considering how my music taste has evolved so much over the past years.. But here goes… 1. Come Back Down – Lifehouse 2. Needle and … More Music Questions

Some Anime List

Here’s just a list of anime that I have enjoyed watching during the past year or so. If you haven’t seen any of these, I SUGGEST YOU DO. I’m really into drama and slice of life, so most of the anime in this list will be in that genre. I won’t spoil too much in … More Some Anime List

Music Update 2016

I feel bad that I haven’t been updating on my life more. I have time; I just did not want to write I guess. There have been lots of thoughts in my head. If just wrote them down I could look back and see more of my thought train. Rereading entries have been enjoyable. They … More Music Update 2016

K-Pop 2013-2014

My K-Pop Journey (2013-2014) Before I became a K-Pop fan, I was the type of person who despised pop songs because of Nicki Minaj, Pitbull and a bunch of others that I hate… it just wasn’t my thing. I was more into Alternative Rock and Country music (and I still like them coz they’re my … More K-Pop 2013-2014