Plot Twist

Seolo came out during the past week and daaaamn, baby, what in the world was that?! Seobaby is now SeoBAEBAE and I can’t even look at her without being so mesmerized! When she started her showcase off with “Magic,” it was so scandalously hot that I swear I melted on the spot in the middle of … More Plot Twist

Friendship Points

Last Friday was exactly on the 13th. *Dun dun dun!* Not that I believe in that bad luck crap. On the contrary, I had a pretty good 2017’s first Friday the 13th. So far, my 2017 is going pretty well, and I’m already liking this year better than last year. Life is great so far. … More Friendship Points

우주를 줄게/건너 (Christmas Mash Up) English Lyrics

오늘이 너무 기대가 됬나봐요 (I must have highly anticipated this day) 심장이 막 두근대고 잠은 잘 수가 없어요 (My heart keeps pounding and I can’t sleep) 한참 뒤에 별빛이 내리면 (After a while, when the starlight shines down) 난 다시 잠들 순 없겠죠 (I won’t be able to go back to sleep) 지나간 새벽을 다 … More 우주를 줄게/건너 (Christmas Mash Up) English Lyrics