Unsaid Words (Mid-Summer Dream pt.3)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART III 함께했던 시간이 너무나 부족해서 (The time we spent together was not enough) 언제나 아쉬움으로 남겠지만 (It was always left with nothing but regret) 잊지는 말아줘요 나 역시 그렇게요 (But don’t forget; I’m just like that) 다시 만나는 날 많이 어색하지 않게 (So on the day we meet again, it won’t … More Unsaid Words (Mid-Summer Dream pt.3)

Cool World (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 2)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART II 바다가 들려 (I hear the sea) 오늘따라 내 귓가에 가까이  (Closer to my ears today) 종일 뜨겁던 빛이 어느새 (The light that had been hot all day) 붉게 물든 지금 (Has now been dyed red) 구름은 더 높아지고 (The clouds have risen higher,) 적당히 습한 공기에 (And the humidity is just … More Cool World (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 2)

Time Lapse (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 1)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART I 여전히 그대로죠 (Until now, it’s still the same) 생일은 몇 번씩이나 지났고 (My birthday has passed several times) 분명 나 역시 조금 더 (And I think have definitely) 어른이 돼 있는 것 같은데 (Grown into more of an adult) 아직도 너의 그 이름을 떠올리면 (But until now, whenever I remember your name) 눈물이 … More Time Lapse (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 1)

Semi-Fiction Family

Last year, around September 2016, 나연 언니 (someone I have mentioned so many times in my blog before),유종언 (my friend ever since 2급–someone I also have mentioned so many times in my blog before) and I promised each other that we would always meet up on Thursday evenings to have dinner together. It was all … More Semi-Fiction Family

Sorry, Dad

This is originally for an essay writing assignment, which is why it’s all in Korean. Despite it being an essay, it can count as a journal entry, because it includes real events that affected me and how I felt during the time. I might update this post and add a translation when I have time…or … More Sorry, Dad

…아프지말고. (그게 말이 돼? pt.4)

It’s May, and the yearly school festivals are back in town. In Korea, schools (especially big universities) have a culture of holding yearly festivals for their students. Usually in universities, there will be booths, street food, drinking tents, lots of alcohol, club parties, and the highlight–famous artists invited to perform during evenings. It’s a fun … More …아프지말고. (그게 말이 돼? pt.4)