Unsaid Words (Mid-Summer Dream pt.3)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART III 함께했던 시간이 너무나 부족해서 (The time we spent together was not enough) 언제나 아쉬움으로 남겠지만 (It was always left with nothing but regret) 잊지는 말아줘요 나 역시 그렇게요 (But don’t forget; I’m just like that) 다시 만나는 날 많이 어색하지 않게 (So on the day we meet again, it won’t … More Unsaid Words (Mid-Summer Dream pt.3)

Cool World (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 2)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART II 바다가 들려 (I hear the sea) 오늘따라 내 귓가에 가까이  (Closer to my ears today) 종일 뜨겁던 빛이 어느새 (The light that had been hot all day) 붉게 물든 지금 (Has now been dyed red) 구름은 더 높아지고 (The clouds have risen higher,) 적당히 습한 공기에 (And the humidity is just … More Cool World (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 2)

Time Lapse (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 1)

Mid-Summer Night’s Dream PART I 여전히 그대로죠 (Until now, it’s still the same) 생일은 몇 번씩이나 지났고 (My birthday has passed several times) 분명 나 역시 조금 더 (And I think have definitely) 어른이 돼 있는 것 같은데 (Grown into more of an adult) 아직도 너의 그 이름을 떠올리면 (But until now, whenever I remember your name) 눈물이 … More Time Lapse (Mid-Summer Dream pt. 1)