English Class Fiasco

[This is an editorial I wrote for the issue of The Yeungnam Observer (our university’s English Newspaper) coming out on December 2017.] The Problem with International Student’s English Class Schools and other learning institutions usually come up with and follow a set curriculum they require for their students. Our university, Yeungnam University, does the same. Curriculums are … More English Class Fiasco

Chuseok Adventures

The first month of this semester quickly came and went. School wasn’t all that interesting. It was actually more boring than last semester, which only made me more and more excited for Chuseok (추석). This Chuseok, we had a 10-day break, and it was just the right time for me to initiate my new fall … More Chuseok Adventures

Semi-Fiction Family

Last year, around September 2016, 나연 언니 (someone I have mentioned so many times in my blog before),유종언 (my friend ever since 2급–someone I also have mentioned so many times in my blog before) and I promised each other that we would always meet up on Thursday evenings to have dinner together. It was all … More Semi-Fiction Family

…아프지말고. (그게 말이 돼? pt.4)

It’s May, and the yearly school festivals are back in town. In Korea, schools (especially big universities) have a culture of holding yearly festivals for their students. Usually in universities, there will be booths, street food, drinking tents, lots of alcohol, club parties, and the highlight–famous artists invited to perform during evenings. It’s a fun … More …아프지말고. (그게 말이 돼? pt.4)