A Generation to Remember


On August 5, 2007, a legend was born. Well, at that time they probably didn’t know it yet, but nine young girls were destined to be the start of a whole new generation. Here we go, into the new world…

Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Soo Young, Yoona, Seohyun

Girls’ Generation

It’s can y’all believe that it’s been TEN YEARS since these tykes came out? Wow. Everyone looks so young back then, don’t they? Starting out as rookies and going on for ten years is definitely a big deal in K-Pop history. Now literally every new girl group idolize them and cites them as their inspiration. Even boy groups love them and think so highly of them, like what up with that one dude from BRO-duce 101 who danced a medley of Girls’ Generation songs for his audition?? (Yup, I definitely enjoyed that the most throughout that whole show. ㅋㅋㅋ)

Those 10 years didn’t pass without some drama though. They are nine girls with nine very strong and different personalities. They’re not perfect, yet they fought through all the hardships, scandals, and even a loss of a member, and made it here. Now it’s 8 girls still continuing their journey together, and 1 following her own path. (About Jessica and the rift between fandoms, I’d say I am not bitter at all that she left. I think it’s for the best–though still heartbreaking every time I think about it–and I absolutely support both Jessica and SNSD in their separate endeavors. I’d say I’m proud of what all 9 of them had become.)

They’re not just one group anymore to be honest. Each one has made a reputation of their own. All their names are known. Taeyeon is now a very popular and successful solo artist, and is considered the Queen of OSTs. Jessica is now a successful solo artist and entrepreneur. Soo-Young earned a pretty good reputation as an actress, and has been highly praised by critics of her acting.  Seohyun is now not just an amazing musical stage actress, but is now also getting more attention on the small screen, even released a solo album. Tiffany also released her own solo album and is known for taking charge of concepts in SNSD, TaeTiSeo, and her own solo. Yuri and Yoona are also getting more roles as actresses for different dramas. Hyoyeon has been slaying the dancing stage and has even written books (lol the person you’d least expect to write a book) and also has her own songs released too. And um… Sunny is no longer just an aegyo-filled child; we all know she’s proud of her “cupcakes” nowadays… (Is she trying to steal the “sexy-cutie” title from Joy??) All joking aside, Sunny is also popular as a host and musical actress. Now it’s pretty hard to believe that some people actually thought they would be a flop when they first came out.

Personally, Girls’ Generation has also impacted me a lot in the past few years. Here’s how I got into them:

I always heard about them as this popular Korean girl group but never really cared until my mom started watching K-Drama. It was Love Rain that introduced me to Yoona. I later found out from a friend who loves K-Pop that Yoona was from Girls’ Generation, and so I told my mom about it. Then my mom got obsessed with watching their videos (because she loves dance videos and stuff). Then my sister and I got into watching Korean variety stuff and that included watching SNSD’s Hello Baby. That’s how I got to know the members names and faces. They were so much fun to watch that we had to watch more… and more.

Became a fan during circa 2013 ❤  “I Got a Boy” Era

At first, I didn’t really care about their music (I didn’t like bubblegum-pop or electro-pop at all and… whatever the hell “I Got a Boy” was…) but I liked watching their music videos and live performances (coz they’re pretty cool, duh) so I eventually acquired a taste for the music as well. Soon I began to recognize each member’s voice. (It’s a great listener/musician’s listening skill practice, that’s for sure.) Seohyun’s voice has always been my favorite, and Taeyeon’s solo OST’s and TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle album were my obsession from those early days of being a fan back in circa 2013. However, I later realized that the songs I tend to replay usually had something to do with Jessica’s nasal Barbie voice. It was probably Jessica’s fault that I acquired a taste for songs like “Gee” and “Oh!” because I normally would NEVER listen to those types of songs. Something about her voice keeps me listening for some reason. Don’t even get me started on the Japanese songs… (You-Aholic, Blue Jeans, etc.) So yeah, I got into their music too, and I had “Beep Beep” as my ringtone for a long time. Now they take up a big space in my music library, and they have an important spot there.

Anyway, from a music connoisseur(?)’s perspective, I think SNSD has lots of amazing stuff to offer. They have lots of popular chart-topping songs, hidden gems, underrated B-Sides, ballads, solos, covers, etc. so here are some lists of my faves (etc.) from the past 10 years of their history. I know is isn’t going to be the end of it, because WE NEED 10 MORE YEARS PLEASE.

(*) means the link leads to a live performance or music video. 
Feel free to watch and listen!

All-Time Favorite Songs by SNSD (excluding solos/sub-units)

Favorite Singles*

Favorite Underrated Songs

Favorite Solo/Sub-Unit/Duet Songs

Favorite Albums (including solos/sub-unit)

  • Girls Generation (2007)
  • My Voice by Taeyeon (2017)
  • Dear Santa by TaeTiSeo (2015)
  • With Love, J by Jessica (2016)
  • Why by Taeyeon (2016)
  • Wonderland by Jessica (2016)
  • Lion Heart (2015)
  • I Just Wanna Dance (2016)
  • Don’t Say No by Seohyun (2017)
  • Holler by TaeTiSeo (2014)
  • by Taeyeon (2015)
  • Love & Peace (2013)

Favorite Collabs

Favorite Dance Bops/Jams (including solos/sub-unit)

Favorite Feel Rides (including solos/sub-unit)

Favorite Music Videos (Other than ITNW)

I Got a Boy (2013)


The Boys (2011)


Lion Heart (2015)


Holler (2014)


Kissing You (2007)


Way to Go! (2008)


Fly (2016)

My Oh My (2013)


Genie (Japanese Version) (2012)


Gee (2008)


Party (2015)


Starlight ft. DEAN (2016)


Love Me the Same (2016)



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