Music Questions

Got this from my sister's old blog and decided to do it as well. Okay, let's start!

1: Top 10 favorite songs of all time 
This is a tough question considering how my music taste has evolved so much 
over the past years.. But here goes...

1. Come Back Down - Lifehouse
2. Needle and Haystack Life - Switchfoot
3. Say (All I Need) - OneRepublic
4. Annie - SafetySuit
5. You and Me - Lifehouse
6. Just A Kiss - Lady Antebellum
7. Say When - The Fray
8. In Heaven - JYJ
9. 처음이었조 (Love Sick) - TaeTiSeo
10. Dancing Away With My Heart - Lady Antebellum

2: Top 10 favorite songs at the moment
1. 11:11 - Taeyeon
2. Half Moon - DEAN
3. Umbrella - Far East Movement ft. Hyolyn (Sistar) & Gill Chang
4. Good in Goodbye - Carrie Underwood
5. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
6. See You Again - Carrie Underwood
7. Lost In Love (유리아이) - Taeyeon & Tiffany
8. 울어도 돼 (Go Ahead, Cry) - Jo Bok Rae
9. If You - Big Bang
10. 길을 잃은 아이 (Lost Child) - Han Seo Yoon

3: Top 5 albums of all time
Life Left to Go – SafetySuit
Own The Night - Lady Antebellum
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
Purpose - Justin Bieber
Ghost Stories - Coldplay

4: Top 5 albums at the moment
I don't listen to albums as a whole these days.

5: Top 10 favorite bands of all time
Lady Antebellum
Vertical Horizon
The Fray
Girls' Generation & TaeTiSeo

6: Top 10 favorite bands at the moment
None in particular at the moment

7: Top 5 favorite male solo artists
1. Dave Barnes
2. Billy Currington
3. Ra.D
4. David Nail
5. K.Will

8: Top 5 favorite female solo artists
1. Taeyeon
2. Jessica Jung
3. Kelly Clarkson
4. IU
5. LYn

9: Top 3 genres
Alternative Rock

10: 3 songs that make you happy
Sadie Hawkins Dance - Relient K
Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
I Swear - Sistar

11: 3 songs that make you sad
What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts
I Never Told You - Colbie Caillat
Good In Goodbye - Carrie Underwood

12: 3 songs that make you nostalgic
Souvenirs - Switchfoot
Realize - Colbie Caillat
Dancing Away With My Heart - Lady Antebellum

13: 3 songs that make you energetic
Fashion - Taeyeon
Why - Taeyeon
Russian Roulette - Red Velvet

14: 3 songs that make you calm
오랜만이죠 - Ra.D
그럼 됐어 - Brother Su
Eat (꺼내 먹어요) - Zion.T

15: 1st song you remember falling in love with
I'm not sure but it's probably
Rainbow -South Border

16: 2 songs that hold meaning for you
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson (signifies new beginnings)
Not Alone - RED

17: 1st band you remember being a fan of

18: 1st vocalist (M or F) you remember being a fan of
Taylor Swift probably

19: A song you hate
Any song with Lil Wayne or Pitbull in it 

20: A band/artist you used to love and are now embarrassed about
Taylor Swift (still like her old songs tho)

21: Oldest record you own
Who We Are - Lifehouse (2007)

22: Newest record you own
With Love, J - Jessica Jung (2016)

23: How often do you buy music (irl)?

24: Least favored genre of music
Opera or children's songs probably idk

25: Name one American band/artist you like

26: Name one English band/artist you like

27: Name one band/artist you like of which nationality is neither 
American or English
South Border (Filipino)

28: Favorite soundtrack
Run Away (From Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team)

29: A song that reminds you of a loved one
Complete - Girls' Generation (I was listening to this on a plane when I broke down crying because of my grandfather's death.)
Dear Mom - Girls' Generation

30: A song that best describes you
Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

31: A song you’d like to marry on
You and Me - Lifehouse
or All That I'm Asking For - Lifehouse
(I always swore my wedding song will be a Lifehouse song)

32: A song you’d prefer for your funeral
Learning How to Die - Jon Foreman

33: Most unknown song you like
Memories of Fireflies and Stars - Ninzzz127 (it's a song I made lol)

34: Most unknown band/artist you like

35: Favorite vocalist

36: Favorite guitarist
Andy McKee

37: Favorite bassist
Tim Foreman duh or Brad will kill me

38: Favorite drummer
Definitely Cobus. His covers are so creative and this technique is ace.
But as for aesthetics... KANG MINHYUK 

39: The toughest band/artist you like
What kinda question is this even... like the noisiest? Heaviest(rock)?

It's either:
Thousand Foot Krutch

idk tbh these bands aren't too heavy to me but my parents 
can't listen to them XD

40: The softest band/artist you like
Vilray probably

41: Top 5 songs of which lyrics you like
Death Bed - Relient K
Divine - Girls' Generation
Good In Goodbye - Carrie Underwood
Not Alone - RED
Eat (꺼내 먹어요) - Zion.T

42: Top 3 instrumental songs
怎麼辦 What To Do (Instrumental) Loving, Never Forgetting OST (戀戀不忘 電視原聲帶)
Waiting - Calum Graham
Roaring Tides - Clannad OST

45: Ever cried on a song? If yes, which one?

Death Bed - Relient K (probably the only song to ever make me cry NOT 
because I'm depressed or anything)
Dear Mom - Girls' Generation (because I moved to Korea alone and I missed my mom)
Not Alone - RED (idk I'm just lonely and going through separation anxiety)
Complete - Girls' Generation (because my grandfather died and this song 
triggered the tears)

46: A song you can’t take seriously
Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley XDDDD THAT MUSIC VIDEO OMG

47: Which bands/artist were mostly played during your childhood by your parents?
Mariah Carey. My mother has a shoe box filled with old cassette tapes
and there were like 3 or so Mariah Carey cassette tapes I think.

48: How important is music to you?
Back then it was an obsession and a hobby, but at this point it's my comfort

49: Would you like to be a part of the music industry?
After watching The Entertainer (Korean Drama), I changed my mind, so... no. XD

50: Something you like and something you despise in music these days
I don't even know what kind of music they have these days coz I'm outdated and 
only listen to the stuff I like so I can't really say.

51: Do you listen to old music? If so, 5 favorite bands/artist
lol define "old music"

Some younger kids think the stuff I listen to is old. Older people think
my music is new. Like Coldplay. Is Coldplay old? What about Switchfoot? Maybe. 
They came out 20 years ago.
I'm gonna go with stuff that are obviously old:

Frederic Chopin (1810-1849)
Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
The Eagles (formed 1971)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
Johann Strauss (1825-1899)

52: Do you own any band merchandise? If so, what and of which bands?
A Switchfoot shirt
A huge TaeTiSeo Dear Santa poster
SNSD compact mirror thingy

53: Do you have tattoos related to bands/artists?
I don't ever wanna get a tattoo

54: Which bands/artists have you seen LIVE?
Carlos Santana

55: Best performance you’ve ever been to?

56: Tell me something, anything, personal about you and a song/band/album
Back then when we used to live in the Sarawan Building in Abu Dhabi, I used to
get sleep paralysis very often. At that time I didn't know what those episodes 
were but they were SO SCARY. I often got so scared that even if I was too tired 
to stay up, I didn't want to sleep. I tried telling my family about them but
they brush it off as if it's just a dream. I guess they just don't understand how
scary it is to have sleep paralysis almost every time I sleep. So whenever I wake 
up from an episode I would listen to "Joshua" by Lifehouse on repeat so that the 
fear will go away. 

57: Is your music taste familiar to your best friend’s? If no, what do they 
listen to?
My sister and I used to listen to basically the same thing but now we're slightly
different. She keeps on downloading new music while I only download if I really
like something. Like nowadays she listens to stuff like Charlie Puth while I
don't even know who the heck Charlie Puth is.

58: Do you judge people based on their music preferences?
Sometimes lol

59: Bands/artists you still wish to see LIVE? 
Michael Jackson BUT I CAN'T COZ HE'S DEAD

60: Put your music-player on shuffle and write down the first 20 songs (no skipping, be honest)

1. Fiancee (피앙세) - ZE:A Five
2. Behind Your Eyes - Jon Foreman
3. Scraf Dance (From Avatar the Last Airbender OST)
4. That's the Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
5. Intro (End of Silence) - RED
6. Vitamin - Girls' Generation
7. Hard 2 Love - Lee Brice
8. I Have and Always Will - Dave Barnes
9. What Am I Gonna Do? - Dave Barnes
10. Tabula Rasa - Calum Graham
11. "Minute" Waltz No. 6 in D flat major, Op. 64/1 - Frederic Chopin
12. High - Lecrae
13. 사랑하지마 - Winner
14. Maintain Consciousness - Relient K
15. Way To Go (힘내!) - Girls' Generation
16. Mixed Up - Miley Cyrus
17. Breakeven - The Script
18. Claire De Lune - Claude Debussy
19. Complicated - Avril Lavigne
20. Never Again - Kelly Clarkson


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