Music Update

I feel bad that I haven’t been updating on my life more. I have time; I just did not want to write I guess. There have been lots of thoughts in my head. If just wrote them down I could look back and see more of my thought train. Rereading entries have been enjoyable. They take me back to the actual experiences themselves; that’s why I know I need to write in this journal thingy. Anyway, this is just a music update: an update on what I listen to nowadays. The last time I published something like this was years ago… Anyway, here are some good jams that I have been into for the past year.

Winter (January – February)

The New Year started off really well. Winter was cold and new experiences were about to start. I also moved into a new house and went on a vacation to AD. This was a very emotional time. I couldn’t believe that I last 6 months in Korea. My music selection consisted of cool winter jams and cozy ballads during this time.

Top Albums:

Dear Santa – TaeTiSeo

2gether – CNBLUE

How Much Love Do You Have in Your Pocket? (당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요?) – Park Yoochun

And… (그리고…) – Lee Seung Gi

Let It Snow, Let It Reindeer – Relient K (This is always my winter/Christmas jam.)

Special Songs:

시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..) – EXO

이별의 길 (Farewell My Love) – SHINee

Don’t Forget (잊어버리지마) – Crush ft. Taeyeon

Scream (소리쳐) – Lee Seung Cheol (Our karaoke jam haha)

Rice Fragrance (稻香) – Jay Chou (Our New Year’s Talent Show song)

Rain – Taeyeon

Secret (비밀) – Taeyeon

Sing For You – EXO

불공평해 (Unfair) – EXO

Hello (입김) – Jung Yonghwa ft. Sun Woo Jung Ah

Still (여전히) – Ra.D

Goodbye – Ra.D

It’s Been A While (오랜만이죠) – Ra.D ft. 신지수

우리 함께한 그 모든 시간 – Lee Seung Gi

밀리언조각 (A Million Pieces) – Kyuhyun

Promise You – EXO

Divine – Girls’ Generation

UR – Taeyeon

Promise – Girls’ Generation

감기지 않는 마음 – Park Yoochun

당신의 지갑에는 얼마의 사랑이 있나요? – Park Yoochun

재연 (An Encore) – SHINee

Life – SHINee

Just Once (한번만) – Kyuhyun

7 Years Of Love – Kyuhyun

Complete – Girls’ Generation


Spring (March-May)

Received new easy-going music from my sister fitting the new season! It’s spring, and plants are starting to grow back again. New start, new friends, new adventures, yet still unsure about what’s in store. Living alone in my own house was kinda boring most of the time so I started getting into Soundcloud and watching more anime during free time. Also, school life was difficult. The lessons were more advanced and very groan-inducing but spring was like a breath of fresh air. Hello, Cherry Blossoms!

Top Albums:

사이 – Brother Su

With Love, J – Jessica Jung

Summer Forever – Billy Currington

Crush On You – Crush

Special Songs:

Hug Me – Crush

Serene (평온) – Hyuna

Butterfly – BTS

Whalien 52 – BTS

Eat (꺼내 먹어요) – Zion.T

커피를 마시고 (Café Latte) – Urban Zakapa

보통의 연애 – Urban Zakapa

그럼 됐어 – Brother Su

왜 하필 – Brother Su

뻔한 멜로디 (Feat. Crush) – Zion.T

봄인가 봐 (Spring Love) – Eric Nam & Wendy (Red Velvet)

7 Years – Lukas Graham

Here’s my emotional feels/chillstep playlist:

And here’s my really cool remix playlist:

Summer (June-August)

The weather was nice and warm, and my birthday was up. This season was not only filled with fun summer jams like Taeyeon’s Why album, it was also filled with struggles and times of trying hard to stay positive amidst negative emotions. July was really a depressing time for me. Because of that, I couldn’t help but look back to old music to keep my sanity.  By August, I started feeling so much better, so the songs I listened to got more cheerful as well.

Top Albums:

With Love, J – Jessica Jung

Purpose – Justin Bieber

Why – Taeyeon (on repeat almost all summer long)

I Just Wanna Dance – Tiffany

Summer Forever – Billy Currington

Act. 7 – 4Minute

Special Songs:

No Other Name – Hillsong Worship

Tear Down the Walls – Hillsong United

Broken Vessels – Hillsong Worship

The Rock Won’t Move – Vertical Church Band

From the Inside Out – Hillsong

Hate – 4Minute

Crazy – 4Minute

Monster – EXO

Summer Forever – Billy Currington

Should’ve Been Us – Tori Kelly

Dear No One – Tori Kelly

Cry – Mandy Moore

Fashion – Taeyeon

Shut Up – Unnies

Only One – Tiffany

별처럼 (Like a Star) – Taeyeon

Come Back Down – Lifehouse

If You’re Not the One – Daniel Bedingfield

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

Story of Us – Taylor Swift

红豆 (Red Bean) – Yoona

홍두 (Red Bean) – Davichi

그 여름 (0805) – Girls’ Generation

전활 받지 않는 너에게 – 2AM

웃픈 하루 – g.o.d.

I Swear – Sistar

Fly – Got7


Autumn (September – October: Present)

After I finally got out of the depressing rut I found myself in during the summer, I got into a fresh, new music selection. My music selection for this season has absolutely nothing to do with my emotional state at this point, and I’m back to just enjoying music as it is like I used to. And now I don’t listen to sad songs because I’m sad, I listen to them because they fit the fall season. Autumn always reminds me of Forgotten Season.

Top Albums:

130 mood: TRBL – DEAN

Gentlemen’s Game – 2pm

Special Songs:

Russian Roulette – Red Velvet (my earthquake jam lol)

Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet (another earthquake jam XD)

Never – 2pm

Giv u Class – 2pm

Half Moon – DEAN

All With You – Taeyeon

If You – Big Bang

That Man – Baek Ji Young

I See You – Kang Minhyuk

길 잃은 아이 – Han Seo Yoon

울어도 돼 – Jo Bok Rae (OMG this was the most emotional part of the whole drama ㅠㅠ)


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