Music Update 2016

I feel bad that I haven’t been updating on my life more. I have time; I just did not want to write I guess. There have been lots of thoughts in my head. If just wrote them down I could look back and see more of my thought train. Rereading entries have been enjoyable. They take me back to the actual experiences themselves; that’s why I know I need to write in this journal thingy. Anyway, this is just a music update: an update on what I listen to nowadays. The last time I published something like this was years ago… Anyway, here are some good jams that I have been into for the past year.

Winter (January – February)

The New Year started off really well. Winter was cold and new experiences were about to start. I also moved into a new house and went on a vacation to AD. This was a very emotional time. I couldn’t believe that I last 6 months in Korea. My music selection consisted of cool winter jams and cozy ballads during this time.

Top Albums:

Special Songs:

Spring (March-May)

Received new easy-going music from my sister fitting the new season! It’s spring, and plants are starting to grow back again. New start, new friends, new adventures, yet still unsure about what’s in store. Living alone in my own house was kinda boring most of the time so I started getting into Soundcloud and watching more anime during free time. Also, school life was difficult. The lessons were more advanced and very groan-inducing but spring was like a breath of fresh air. Hello, Cherry Blossoms!

Top Albums:

Special Songs:

Here’s my emotional feels/chillstep playlist:

And here’s my really cool remix playlist:

Summer (June-August)

The weather was nice and warm, and my birthday was up. This season was not only filled with fun summer jams like Taeyeon’s Why album, it was also filled with struggles and times of trying hard to stay positive amidst negative emotions. July was really a depressing time for me. Because of that, I couldn’t help but look back to old music to keep my sanity.  By August, I started feeling so much better, so the songs I listened to got more cheerful as well.

Top Albums:

Special Songs:


Autumn (September – October)

After I finally got out of the depressing rut I found myself in during the summer, I got into a fresh, new music selection. My music selection for this season has absolutely nothing to do with my emotional state at this point, and I’m back to just enjoying music as it is like I used to. And now I don’t listen to sad songs because I’m sad, I listen to them because they fit the fall season. Autumn always reminds me of Forgotten Season.

Top Albums:

Special Songs:


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