It Will Be Okay After All

It’s been three months since I was left alone in that subway train. Time passed pretty quickly. I didn’t think I would last this long completely fine and happy. I didn’t think that the past three months would be one of the most exciting three months I would experience in my life so far. As lonely as the journey started, it progressed with so much joy, and I’m very thankful.

God definitely guided me throughout this journey, because I know I wouldn’t get anywhere on my own. I had no plan, no clue, no knowledge… I was as good as a toddler in the middle of a huge city. But as long as my Father is holding my hand, I wouldn’t even care where we were going. I knew that we were not lost, and that I’m going to be alright. The place was no familiar to me, but he took me to see places and bought me little gifts along the way. Like a little toddler, as long as I was with Him, I was having so much fun. The places we saw, the gifts he bought for me, the food we ate together were all fun, but just being beside Him was good enough. It comforted me.

I love Korea. I really do. I love the silhouette of mountains in every direction you look. I love that there are trees everywhere. I love the cool autumn season, the fresh air, the colours of the leaves, and the refreshing winds. I love the music playing in the shops. I love the nice people who are always around to help out. I love the sound of the language and the way Hangul is written. Korea is a great place and I am so glad that I get to stay here now. Back then living in Korea was nothing but a fantasy, and I had no real plans of staying here at all, but now I’m here and I got what I wished for.

However, my life wasn’t the most comfortable here. In fact, these three months was probably the most difficult three months of my life. I never meant to enjoy Korea all alone. I wanted my family and friends here with me. I miss them often especially when I realized that taking care of myself is not that easy. I cried for so long when I realized that I was left alone by my parents on the first day of school. That time was probably the only time I ever cried about being left alone in to go to school, because I didn’t cry at all on my first day as a preschooler. I have to do everything here on my own and I didn’t even know how to dress warmly at first, and I still can’t figure out how I should prepare my own meals. Thankful God led me to the nicest people that would help me out when I needed guidance. If it wasn’t for them I would be so lost here.

After three months, I got so much better at living life here. My Korean has gotten so much better, and made good friends who love me for who I am. Now I also know how to dress up warmly as well, and I don’t worry too much about my food either. I don’t cry anymore at the thought of my family, but now I feel sad at the thought of leaving the people I got to know here. I only made it this far because God was with me. But this is only the start of my journey here in Korea. These first three months should be a testimony to my future self. If somewhere in the future life gets harder, dear future self, it’ll be okay.


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