Lovely Eyes



To the boy with the loveliest eyes,
Where are you now?
Where have you gone?
Everywhere I look, I see you;
Every time I reach out, you fade.
How can the image of your warm gaze still linger?
Even when you are no longer there, I still feel you;
Even in the unlikeliest moments, I still think of you.
Just as your gaze on mine have lingered,
So have my thoughts lingered on you.

Do you ever think of me?
Do you remember me?
I remember everything;
Even the most insignificant moments
Replay like a song with sweet sentiments.
In my ears they continue ringing,
That I would lose touch of reality
To a place where you were once with me.
Unfortunately, you are no longer my reality,
And you can no longer be with me.

Can I just have one last chance?
As much as your precious time permits:
At least one among the sixty minutes
That a twenty-fourth of your day limits;
A second is all I ask.
For just one moment in this lifetime
As much as is afforded by this last dime,
If you would please allow me to do so
I would use this one last cherished chance
To have one last glimpse of you.

When can I ever see you again
And gaze into your lovely eyes once more?
If I could just stay with you
In a frozen moment of time,
On the bright, warm day our eyes met;
On the moment our connection was set;
When I knew I had fallen in love with you;
There we would stay forevermore,
If that was all it took to ease the pain
And to keep from losing sight of you.

But no…
Time cannot be stopped.
That would be selfish of me.
If everything froze,
If time just stopped,
You and I will never grow;
You and I will never see tomorrow.
I cannot let my selfish desires stop you,
I cannot let my selfish desires keep you,
From being who you need to be.

And this is why I should just let things be.
If you should ever come back to me,
If we should ever come across each other again,
I’ll make every second count.
If you should ever realize my love,
If you should ever love me back,
I’ll love you with all my heart,
And look only upon you,
The boy with the loveliest eyes,
Who will only look unto mine too



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