Growing Up

Now that I am living alone, it’s safe to say that I’m officially supposed to be an adult. Yeah by the time you’re 18-19, you’re supposed to know how to take care of yourself and do all sorts of adult stuff. But in the first few months of trying to “adult” I realized that I just don’t like any of it. I hate it more than being a teenager, and I hated being a teenager. The teenage years were frustratingly awkward and the confusion, the identity crisis, the future planning was a big pain in the a$$. However, living alone with all adult responsibilities for yourself laid on your own shoulders is far worse. Now I have to make all my very unwise decisions. I have to plan my own meals, I have to do my own chores, I have to budget my own money, I have to go to places on my own, and figure out things on my own. Back then I have my parents controlling every thing except my musical decisions and future plans, but now I have to do EVERYTHING and I’m so used to just obeying that I have no idea how to lead myself! For example: “What should I eat today? Is this healthy? Is this alright? Is this expensive? I HATE COOKING!” Okay, maybe I honestly don’t know how to be an adult, which is why I hate it so much. I mean, being awkward and frustrated was always part of being a teenager, whether you like it or not. But technically, I’m just 19. Nine-TEEN. I’m technically still a teenager, which is probably why I’m still awkward and frustrated most of the time.

Children don’t know how good they have it. Life was so much easier when all you ever really have to worry about is finishing your grade school maths or winning that drawing contest or finding your lost toy. Teens also complain waaaay too much about how their life sucks, but life will continue to get harder so quit complaining while you’re still at a fairly easy stage!


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