(a rant by me)

On “15 minute or so” repetitive worship songs:

I hate this one. The repetition of lines is abused already. It should end when it ends. When it’s too long, it loses its artistic value, everyone gets tired, and nobody wants to listen anymore. This goes of every song out there. Music is art, and if it’s for God, do your best to put out your best as an offering to Him, not a stupid song where you just repeat the same lines for a fourth of an hour just to make sure the audience can follow you. I hate how people actually write these kinds of “easy and effortless” music. It is absolutely not creative. There are billions words and many different poetic ways to form lyrics, and this is all they can do for God? And don’t even get me started on the standard “first, fifth, minor 6th, fourth” chord progression. If you read Psalms, each one is very creative and wonderfully written. There are short psalms and long psalms, all artistic and filled with emotion as praise for God.


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