K-Pop 2013-2014

My K-Pop Journey (2013-2014)

Before I became a K-Pop fan, I was the type of person who despised pop songs because of Nicki Minaj, Pitbull and a bunch of others that I hate… it just wasn’t my thing. I was more into Alternative Rock and Country music (and I still like them coz they’re my roots.) I play guitar and perform with a band too so naturally, I preferred to listen to guitar-driven band songs also. Sometimes, I’ll listen to classical, R&B, and some pop songs that are clean, but most of the time it’s just Rock and Country.

When I began to like K-Pop, my music taste also became more diverse, because now I’m more open to different styles. Back then I really did not bother to listen to a song if it’s dance-pop or dubstep or full blown gangster rap hip-hop. Now I really like dubstep in songs and I think rap is awesome (if it’s a creative one with not so much cursing). Although most of the time, I still don’t like dance-pop songs if they’re in English (I don’t know why; I’m just weird like that). Dance-pop club songs have to be in some other language or I’ll just start bad-mouthing it like my grandmother does whenever she sees someone she hates on TV ㅋㅋㅋ


When I first started out in the K-pop world, I liked JYJ. Their vocals are just amazing. Plus, “In Heaven” was the very first K-Pop song I ever truly loved (it has way too many plays in my iPod back then) and the music video was just awesome in a really bittersweet way. Sadly, they seemed to be off screen most of the time. So I researched a bit and discovered that JYJ used to be in TVXQ and was probably still being bullied by SM. So I decided to check out TVXQ (mostly because I wanted to see JYJ) and now I’m just like every Cassie out there waiting for their reunion. They were so much better as 5 and I like them better as 5, but I’m still thankful that I got into K-Pop because JYJ existed. I guess that’s the only thing I like about the DB5K split.


Then my mother (yes, my mother of all people) started getting into Girls’ Generation. She really liked the “I Got a Boy” music video, while I just thought it was pretty cool until that part where they were all wearing orange wigs, which I thought was absolutely ridiculous coz it freaked me out. Since my mom liked watching Girls’ Generation, I watched more videos with her and I really enjoyed them because they’re gorgeous, duh. They were especially fantastic in “The Boys” and really cute in “Kissing You.” I liked their music videos a lot more than TVXQ’s (hahaha sorry Cassies). Anyway, SNSD’s music style really wasn’t my thing back in the day though, so I never bothered with the music (I prefered my JYJ and TVXQ back then ㅋㅋㅋ) until later.

Soon, my sister and I began to watch SNSD’s Hello Baby and I absolutely enjoyed that. That show helped me learn their names and tell them apart. In my opinion, SNSD is the most fun K-Pop group to watch in variety shows. They have such great personalities. Seohyun became my ultimate bias. The nine girls are just amazing and I love them all.


By this time it was late 2013, and I have been listening to K-pop more often (mostly TVXQ, SNSD, Apink, some f(x) songs, some U-KISS songs, ballads etc… also warming up to some dance-pop songs but not the dubstep ones). I liked watching K-Pop music videos because they’re just so cool. One time, I came across “Wolf” by EXO and I really liked the video, but I absolutely hated that song. It sounded like something out of a Twilight movie, and I hated those movies I’m not really a big fan of that. But when I saw the “MAMA” videos, I was so impressed. I really liked it, even the song was amazing. They had superpowers and that was enough to keep me entertained. Later I found a bunch of songs that I really liked from EXO. Soon, I began to like all their songs and guess what? “Wolf” became my favorite song for like a long time even though I hated it at first ㅋㅋㅋ In fact, I began to like EXO so much that there was a time when I didn’t listen to anything else but EXO. Then when “Overdose” came out, I was so excited that I watched the two videos so many times in one day.


Since I was disappointed about the EXO and SNSD problems this year (Kris leaving, Luhan leaving, BaekYeon, sasaeng fans, Jessica leaving…etc), I stopped listening to EXO for a while (but I still listened to Taeyeon because I can’t resist her voice). And here I found the amazing SHINee World. Actually, I’ve known SHINee for quite some time and I even watched SHINee’s Hello Baby. I just focused on EXO more because I liked EXO more back then. Now since EXO and SNSD fandom was pretty much a mess, I turned to SHINee and grew to like them more.  SHINee always made me happy. Whenever I’m down, I just listen to SHINee or watch their music videos and I immediately feel better. In fact, there were days that I just listened to “The SHINee World” album because it’s one of my favorite K-Pop albums ever. I also think they’re one of the most talented groups out there. I mean, let’s face it, their choreography is insane and their singing and rapping is also pretty on point.

Key is my ultimate male bias. He’s fabulous coz he’s a diva ㅋㅋㅋ

CNBLUE and YongSeo

I found out about CNBLUE because of Seohyun’s WGM with Yonghwa. Before I watched the show, I wanted to find out more about Yonghwa because I didn’t know who he was, so I decided to check out CNBLUE. WOOT WOOT CNBLUE is a POPROCK BAND! So yeah, clearly, CNBLUE is my kind of music. Plus, I found out the Minhyuk (or as I used to call him “that guy with Krystal in The Heirs”) is the drummer in CNBLUE, so I loved this band even more. After I watched YongSeo WGM, it was the first time I actually shipped a couple so hard that I even prayed about it ㅋㅋㅋ I honestly didn’t know I would ship them so much after watching that show. When it was over I just felt sad so I watch YongSeo again whenever I have free time because it just so cute and innocent and sweet ❤ When Mr. Mr. came out about the same time as Can’t Stop, I was so happy because YAY YongSeo moments in music shows.

About the same time I was liking SHINee, I also began to look up more CNBLUE songs. Thank goodness I had a break from EXO coz if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have explored other bands.

Super Junior

Some time later, when I didn’t really care about the stupid K-Pop problems anymore because Kris was doing well, Jessica is going around taking pictures with Chris Evans and launching her BLANC business, Luhan finally having rest and blah blah blah… I began to really enjoy the MAMACITA album of Super Junior, Super Junior KRY songs, and Kyuhyun’s solo stuff. (And when I like something, I’ll listen to it all day.) Soon, I met a K-Pop friend who was a big fan of Super Junior. So yeah, she talked about K-Pop stuff, but mostly Super Junior and I didn’t mind because Super Junior is pretty good too. Also because of her, I know more about Super Junior now.

Now Heechul is one of my favorite K-pop stars because he’s really weird yet awesome XD

Well then…

These days, I’m just looking over other bands out of SM when I get bored. I’m really beginning to like Teen Top and BTS lately. Although for Christmas Day, I just listened to “December 2014” and the Miracles of December album by EXO because I missed EXO and my Christmas wasn’t even that great so bring on the sad songs. For New Year I watched SNSD Live in Tokyo Dome on youtube. So much feels for the last song “Into the New World.” 😥

Gosh I’m just glad stupid 2014 is over. Happy New Year!!

R.I.P. 2014, the most “eventful” year ever, though not in the best sense of the word.


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