Koreans Everywhere

Here’s the thing, I never thought I would like Korean drama as much as I do now.

I always had my reasons to ignore it: They’re broadcasted in Filipino channels.

I hate Filipino channels with a burning ypassion because they are absolutely cheap and terrible. Enough said. I never go through those channels. Plus, when they show the Korean stuff, they are dubbed in Filipino and I don’t like the voices and words they used. They just have to flippin dub the thing and they even suck at it. Idiots. If it’s not dubbed, then it’s subtitled. Dude, who the hell wants to read while watching something?!

Their names are quite hard to remember too… But, everything changed when Jang Geum’s cuteness attacked! Oh My Geumness, the kid at Jewel in the Palace’s second episode was so adorable I can’t even stop watching. Like who the hell cares about subtitles, I’m gonna read all of it if I have to just so I could understand it. Poor thing, that kid loses her parents and heads to the palace to make history. That show made me love the way that Korean language sounds, the food they eat, the rich culture of the Joseon dynasty, and of course Jang Geum’s awesomeness and life lessons.

After that show, we watched a few others. But the best one yet had to be Rooftop Prince. I can’t even explain how great the whole thing was. It was so funny because of the whole time-travel thing. As the story unfolds you can’t help but be touched at Bu Yong’s sacrifice.

Now when people ask me what my favorite show is, I’ll say either Rooftop Prince or Jewel in the Palace. 2 of my most favorite shows are now Korean. I guess the lesson is, to not judge a TV show without trying jt out first. Just like that episode of My Little Pony that I just watched where in the end the purple unicorn thing learned about not judging a book by it’s cover…ehem…… Why I watched My Little Pony, nobody needs to know that. I ONLY SAW THAT ONE EPISODE OF MY LITTLE PONY. DON’T THINK I’M IN THE FAN CLUB OR ANYTHING.


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