The Biggest Shipping Rule

Shipping. The pairing of one to a certain love interest.

I don’t know how people came to call it that way and why, but it is the way we call it nowadays. Whenever I hear that word, it reminds me actual ships in a naval battlefield with flags that symbolize their OTP (one true pairing). And then they sink each other, because they think the other ships are stupid. (OH don’t deny it, you hate every other ship except yours. THIS IS WAR.)

I know, this whole thing about shipping is really shallow and stupid, but I have one shipping rule and I need to write it out.


Well, yeah, it’s just one dumb rule…but is it really that easy to follow JUST ONE DUMB RULE you made for yourself? NO IT’S NOT.

As long as you don’t ship yourself with anyone, you won’t be heartbroken when it doesn’t work out. As long as you don’t go on the ship, you won’t drown if it sinks.

But one question I as myself is: why do I ship myself with him?

I know that there is no point on thinking about us being together. We’re from separate worlds colliding into each other at the intersection. We can’t stay at the intersection. We’re heading different directions. Or are we heading the same direction?

I feel like watching a long drama series about myself. I have no idea what will happen next, and I am always at the edge of my seat. As a shipper I could only wish that he could finally be with me. I only wish there could be this twist in my story that could finally make it work out. But I’m not the writer. God is the writer of my life. I know that He ships me with the best man for me out there, but why do I even bother shipping myself with this guy who might not end up being with me?

I always ponder how the human mind works. The human mind is oddly predictable because of it’s stupid decisions and it’s tendency to ignore the conscience. I know what is right, and I know what I should do, but why don’t I do it? Why do I end up doing the stupid thing that I promised myself not to do? Questions…questions…. THERE ARE AN INFINITE NUMBER OF QUESTIONS.

Shipping yourself can prove to make you heartbroken over time especially when relationships fail…or never come to be. SHIP SUNK!

Everyday I try to just remind myself that I shouldn’t ship myself with him. Instead, I am going to do what all of us SHOULD do. That is, to LOVE.

Don’t ship. Just love. Love with all of your heart.

Love with all of your heart. Because even when ships sink, even if we never get to be together, even if things don’t go my way, I can still love him. No matter what, no matter who he becomes, even if he doesn’t see me the way I see him, I still love him. Real love is unconditional, and that’s how I plan on loving him.


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