In order for our life to have direction, we need GOALS. We need a destination when we go on a trip, you know.

In our homeschool, we have these goal cards where we are supposed to write down how many pages were plan on doing for the day, and we’re supposed to do whatever we actually wrote on that goal card (that’s why it’s called a “goal” card..duh).

But recently, I have been doing things differently. Instead of writing down goals for the day and actually doing them, I just did whatever I felt like doing…you know…procrastinate, drifting off, thinking about Korean stuff, fangirling….while doing just about 3-4 pages per subject (when back then I did about 6-8 pages per subject.) Whatever I actually finished, I just write it down on the goal card as if they were my actual goals… Obviously they’re not goals when you wrote them AFTER you’ve done doing the least amount of work possible.

So yeah I slacked off like slakoth and slaking with their annoying “truant” ability, and yup it was a baaaad idea. I was lazy, late, and I barely learn anything. When I noticed how terrible my pace was, I realized that, “Dude, I’m like a turtle, if I don’t speed up, I’m never gonna finish high school.”

So, I promised myself to work harder. But I got lazy often. Then I had a great idea. Why not use the goal card to trap/force myself into doing more pages? Because once I write the goal down, it cannot be changed. Yeah I know, I’m a genius.. Why not use the goal card as a goal card… Wow who could’ve thought of that? *sarcasm* *facepalm*

So I prayed for the strength and brain power to actually do more and be efficient. Now my studies are back in order and I’m not a turtle anymore. Yay. If I don’t finish my goals, I feel guilty, and I don’t like feeling guilty. That, and with God’s help to keep the laziness away, pretty much drove me to do more and to do it well. Plus, finishing goals is like a reward in itself. It feels good to finish something that you want done by the end of the day.


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