Mountains, Music, Wildfire Band, and what not

Hey there, it’s been a while. I’m going to fill you in on some amazing things that happened recently so get ready.


Tito Melvin came to Dubai the first week of September and with him was the guitar I ordered and some of my sister’s toys that she ordered as well. The guitar actually pretty good–with a black finish and excellent output. I was really glad I got Tito Kurls to pick the guitar for me.


So finally, Wildfire has started! I finally got to see my friends again after a long horrible summer of boredom. Some people were gone from Wildfire, but there were new ones too so it wasn’t at all that sad that the others went away.

I also got into the Wildfire band, which was something that I had been praying for a long time since I got into Wildfire. Playing on stage in front of about 30+ people was exciting in a way and I’m sure that playing two shows in the Youth Service this Friday with approximately 1000 people would be even more exciting. I just pray I won’t mess up, and more importantly, that we may be able to praise Him with our talents and lead others to sing praises to Him too. Worship leading was a lot more tiring than I thought, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


We went to Fujairah last week to celebrate the past September birthdays, wedding anniversary of Mommy and Daddy, and Daddy’s upcoming birthday. It was an amazing place! The dry, rocky mountains had the same scarce vegetation of the desert, but it was nice too see a scene other than shifting hills of sand. The city was more like a small quiet town which makes it so much better than Dubai. We stayed in the hotel for 4 days.


And now for the lastest music update. I’ve been listening to Dave Barnes a lot lately (but right now I’m listening to Switchfoot hahaha). He’s really great. Love songs are awesome.


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