It’s 15th of July once again. I just turned another year older. I don’t have any idea how my life would be like when I turn 16 back when I was 6 and even though I tried to imagine it, my life now is nothing like what I imagined. I’m in Abu Dhabi, a place I don’t even know about when I was 6, and I am homeschooled, which I did not think was possible when I was 6 either. Yeah, my life is not what I expected. It was better.

Yesterday, we ate at Chili’s while they played country music, which is a genre of music that they don’t usually play here but I like it a lot. We ate some steak and some tortilla chips and stuff like that. Then we went home. The celebration wasn’t grand, unlike those Sweet Sixteen parties in MTV, but I did not need a grand party anyway. I had fun anyway.

To mark this day, I want to post the past 2011-2012 year’s top music in my Ipod based on plays

20 out of 971 songs

1. Crazy Girl by Eli Young Band

2. Annie by SafetySuit

3. You and Me by Lifehouse

4. Dancing Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum

5. Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon

6. Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

7. We Owned the Night by Lady Antebellum

8. Fall Into Me by Brantley Gilbert

9. Cold As Stone by Lady Antebellum

10. Somewhere Love Remains by Lady Antebellum

11. If I Die Young by The Band Perry

12. She’s Everything by Brad Paisley

13. Start of Something Good by Daughtry

14. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon

15. Stay by SafetySuit

16. Honey Bee by Blake Shelton, You’re A God by Vertical Horizon

17. Everything But Me by Daughtry, Come Back Down by Lifehouse, Believe by SafetySuit, When You Cry by Vertical Horizon

18. Always the Love Songs by Eli Young Band, Heart of The World by Lady Antebellum, Get Around This by SafetySuit, Stars by Switchfoot

19. Friday Night by Lady Antebellum, Needle and Haystack Life by Switchfoot

20. Be My Escape by Relient K

Top 5 Albums

1. Own The Night by Lady Antebellum

2. Life Left To Go by SafetySuit

3. Break The Spell by Daughtry

4. Vice Verses by Switchfoot

5. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon





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