It’s been a good summer so far. My sis and I have been doing nothing for the past month or so, and maybe it was got pretty boring at times but I like being laid back and all that.

I made a handful of artworks in the first few weeks when inspiration was high. I made the most of it while I was in the mood. Art comes naturally to me, and even without giving it much thought as I work, it would always turn out well no matter how messy it gets before I complete it. My uncle even wanted to buy some of it. I was reluctant, however, because I loved every single one of my works. Though it was hard to part with my artworks, I agreed anyway because I might put the money to good use (by that I mean my mom said it would be a good college fund which I don’t really care about no matter how important it was to care).

dscf9924 dscf9922 dscf9923

Inspiration went downhill after that. I pretty much did nothing but sit on the couch surfing the internet, reading, and watching stuff on my phone the next few days. Then I got into reading A Walk To Remember again for the 4th time I think (my favorite book) and even read The Notebook, and Bridge to Terabithia too. Then I decided to watch The Notebook which turns out to be a really good movie like they said it was.

It wasn’t all boredom and daydreaming for me the whole summer. I did some pretty fun things too. At the end of Wildfire I also went out to the mall with some good friends to celebrate Samara’s birthday. We watched Avengers, which I really enjoyed a lot. I also went to the great Ferrari World Abu Dhabi with family and rode the fastest rollercoaster ever made by man. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it was enough to make my knees weak and I felt that my internal organs were dislocated too. But it was fun. We also stayed in the tallest hotel in Dubai and even got to do another 4:12 night. Each of our meals were enough to keep us bloated. All the food were really good.

This last week of June, my sis and I got into watching Everwood. Since The Legend of Korra and Revenge won’t be around for the rest of the summer, we thought we’d give this old show a chance to entertain us. It was a big change, since both Revenge and Avatar always kept our blood racing. Everwood was just all about life and stuff like that. Nothing crazy like war, ruling the world, butt kicking, conspiracies, or framing. It’s got a pretty decent love story, and set on a beautiful mountain town. Suspense and action is fun and all, but love and sweetness and a little lifelike drama is also pretty good in its own way and I’m really enjoying it. Plus, since Everwood is an old show, we didn’t have to wait for weeks for the next episode to start since all the episodes are available.

And so, this is what just went on in my June 2012. By July, we’re starting our homeschool again, but we still haven’t got our church activites until September so I guess it’s pretty disappointing. But how knows? Maybe my new subjects aren’t going to be so bad. BTW, TODAY IS ANDREI’S BIRTHDAY! Gotta love that guy.


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