New Year

So, we moved to a new flat recently (which is umm… a UAE word for apartment, I think…?) It is more pleasant than our older flat.

Anyway, it’s September again. New school year, new friends, new homeschool materials, etc. For this new school year, I’m now considered a high school student, but I’m still that same old timid kid. My parents forced me to join the youth group in church. No matter how fun the flyers sound like, I was scared and somewhat sick beyond my wits. I really didn’t want to go. I’m very shy when it comes to meeting new people. I become so nervous that I could barely speak. I told my parents I was kind of scared, but they insisted and finally they dragged me to the “Boiler Room.”

I was so nervous, so I kept on praying and praying to make the “cockroaches” in my stomach to go away. When the door opened, it was not so bad after all. One of the youth guys named Jared gladly welcomed me in. Everyone was so friendly too. They made me play foosball, another game in which I found out that I totally sucked at. But it was fun though. They were all so noisy, and most of them were so HUGE. I’m not very tall so most of them had to bend down so they could easily talk to me. I didn’t know anyone there except for one person, but I’m not very close to her either. But it didn’t matter because I met so many new people.

Anyway, about the new school year, I have these new subjects like Music, which I don’t enjoy much. I like listening to music but learning about orchestras, notes, and Tom&Jerry music? It’s a bit boring, but who knows, I might use it someday. If it was a guitar subject I’d love it. I also have New Testament Survey. It’s a very interesting subject. And I also have a Health subject, which was like preschool.

Oh yeah, this is totally random but… it’s SWITCHTEMBER!!! Only a few days till Vice Verses! I can’t wait for September 27!



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