Signs of a Switchfoot fan

Here is my own version of “You know you’re a Switchfoot fan when….”

Ok, if anyone is reading this, (and I doubt that anyone will ever be), only SF fams will be able to understand this.

Q: How are you? A: More than fine.

Sometimes, you actually don’t try to win anything because you plan to lose it all.

“Do you love me enough to let me go?” Translation: Please break up with me.

Q: What is your favorite shape? A: Circles.

Q: What is your favorite animal? A: Dark Horses.

Q: Did you have a dream last night? A: *starts singing Faust, Midas, and Myself*

Q: What time do you usually wake up? A: 4:12 am

Q: What is your favorite flower? A: the Daisy

Q: What do you look for in a guy/girl? A: I want someone to share my smile, share the pain, and be there when the sea turns gray, and share the joy, for better and for worse.

You’re on a Geography test. Q: How many oceans does Earth have? A: 24??

You wake up kicking and screaming. Literally. (Or wake up kicking and screaming at your annoying alarmclock.)

You dare everyone to move like today never happened before. (Who knows? It might do people good…)

While riding your company car you scream out the window, “HEY I’M SUCH A MESS! CHECK ME OUT!” (People will think you’re weird of you do that.)

When you’re sick and the doctor gives you a lot drugs, you insist that there ain’t no drug to make you well so you won’t take it.

You look at the stars every night trying to see Someone. Connect the dots 🙂

When you’re lonely you say, “I want more than my lonely nation.”

You say hello to every hurricane telling them they’re not enough. Literally.

You’re actually happy when you have sore eyes because it makes them look red.

Whoever Amy is, you think she is a better boxer than Cassius Clay, no matter what anyone says.

You think you are golden, no matter what race you are.

It’s hard to take, but you try to accept that you are just like Hitler because he was a politician, and we are ALL politicians… (creepy. Forget about this one. Replace Hitler with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln.)

Teacher in a noisy classroom: GUUUYYSSS!!! WHY CAN’T YOU KEEP IT TOGETHER???? You reply: I don’t know. Even gravity hasn’t answered that question.

When you don’t know what you’re doing, you call youself an amateur. You call yourself a P-p-p-p-p-professional if you are good at something.

You know very well that entropy is falling apart. So when you see something falling apart you scream out ENTROPY!

Q: Can you rap? A: I don’t rap. I don’t take crap. And I don’t slap a map on my friend named Pap. That’s the last time I’m ever gonna answer that. (It actually makes people wonder why you said those things.)

Q: Hey DUDE! How’s life? A: Living is simple, it’s gravity, gravity isn’t so hard…

In a phone conversation: Q: Dude… dude… are you still there? A: No, you haven’t lost me yet.

Q: Did you hear that sound?! A: Is it my heartbeat? Maybe it’s just the sound of the discontented mouths of a haunted nation, you know, the voice of breaking down.

You found out that there is a bomb in the building and started jumping for joy.

You know there’s a chemical in your head called laziness every time you don’t feel like studying.

You keep hoping that you’re bent for more than arguments and failed attempts to fly.

Lol I’m not finished with this yet… If anyone ever reads this, if you have any suggestions just let me know.


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