End of summer

Hello people (if there are people…I’m sure there’s none.) Summer is ending again: less heat, less laziness, less doing nothing, less guitar time–for cool people like myself, less sleeping, and more books, more reading, more homework, more friends, more classmates, more studies. There are good things about leaving summer and there are bad things–and by bad things I mean the guitar part.

It would actually be nice to see classmates and friends again. The whole summer I’ve been in our little room-house, dreaming, playing guitar, and being very bored. No one ever chats with me in the internet anymore. I don’t know why. Maybe my friends are busy. I don’t have too many friends because we moved to a different country where I am currently being homeschooled. I only have a handful of friends that I could actually talk to. The rest, to me they are just people I know. Anyway, my real friends haven’t been talking to me. Although, one time, I talked to one of my friends who is now in Texas. He was pretty lonely too because he didn’t have any friends there either. Sometimes I missed the old days of being together with my best friends as a group, not separated like this.The whole summer, the only best friends I had were my sister, my parents, my guitar, my bed, my Ipod, and myself. I also met a few good friends through twitter (God bless them).

This “new year” I’m finally going to attend the Youth group in church, and I’m not very excited because I’m very shy.


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