Top of the Charts???

December 12, 2010

So I mentioned in one of my older entries, “But what if horrible songs start to get famous?” Well, that is exactly what is happening right now. Horrible songs (and by horrible I mean gross from its lyrics to the fake voice and background) are ruling the world–mostly kids my age. MAN! they SUCK! Since no one else is gonna be reading this anyway, I’m gonna name the worst of the worst!!!

Let’s start with the genre first. I like almost anything except for: too much autotune, fake voices, club remixes, club music, too much bad words, stuff about…you know…doing something… yeah stuff like that. There are many songs nowadays that sound okay and have no bad words but the lyrics is still stupid. It’s the lyrics that really kill me because I listen to the whole song and their meaning and emotions. Unlike some FREAK IDIOTS losing their minds to the beat without knowing they are being hypnotized and influenced by things.

Okay, I’ll name those who suck! *************** SUCKS! And so does ********************!!!! AND MANY MORE. I hate anything that comes out of the top 40 radio these days!!!

So now I have a new hobby. I go to Youtube, search some good songs that I probably never heard of, and if I like it I’ll get it. I don’t care about being current anymore. No matter how many times my dad insults me and my “old” and “not so popular” music, I don’t care. Good things are better than popular things.


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