New Way to be Human

This is another of my old journal entries. My dad wanted me to write about how I feel about moving to a new place.

Monday, Novermber 23, 2009

We moved here to Abu Dhabi from the Philippines back in May 21, 2009. There are a lot of things that are very different from our old home when we moved here. Some things are bad, and some things are good stuff too.

The Philippines is a tropical country, and tropical countries have hot and humid temperatures and horrible typhoons especially in South East Asia. Almost everyone you meet will be Filipinos, because foreigners can only be seen in tourist spots. When we moved to Abu Dhabi, UAE, everything was different. Sure, I always thought the desert was hot, but I would never thought the temperatures would reach almost 50 degrees Celsius during summer! Almost everyone who live here come from different countries. There are a vast number of different cultures in one place. Everywhere you’ll hear different languages all at the same time, and others don’t even speak in English.

Since it’s a new start in a new country, and we can’t carry all our belongings in the airplane, we only brought stuff that what we think is important. That means, no bringing the TV, refrigerator (that’s why we had molds like the one I said in the previous entry), beds, sofa, desks, and many other stuff. Sure I’d like to bring my bed with me, but it’s too big. It was like being born into the world without any possessions all over again.

Up until now, we don’t have everything that would measure up to everything we used to own. Even our home is just as big as my old room if the bathroom is not counted. The best way to describe our little apartment is that it is every part of the house in one room.

Below the building, is a huge parking lot filled with different cool cars. Even if those cars are cool and probably expensive, they look gross. That’s is because they are filled with dirt and bird poop–sort of the kind cars you laugh at. But since every car is that dirty anyway–including ours–we don’t laugh anymore.

Of course I knew from the start that everything will be different from the way it was back then, but about the food, there are different restaurants that usually have one thing in common–spicy food and absolutely pork-free. Every restaurant has a spicy option, and I don’t really like spicy food. Sometimes I wonder why everyone is loving it. They don’t serve anything pork here either because it’s an Islamic country. I’m not a pork addict, and come to think of it, pork isn’t really something I get excited about back then. Actually, I like beef more than pork. I think the only reason why I get excited about pork now is because maybe I’m sick–we’ll maybe not that sick–of eating chicken every meal. They don’t have any of our usual meriendas like bananacue, fishball, toron, puto, balut, and many others either. Maybe they have but it’s quite rare.

Back in the Philippines, I loved listening to the radio. Everyday, I hear my favorite songs more than once in ten minutes, and sometimes they are all playing in different radio stations at the same time. Listening to the radio was one of my favorite hobbies back then. But when we came here, my favorite songs are barely played. If they are played, it’s probably a station from Dubai, which is not very clear when you are listening from Abu Dhabi.

A good thing about moving here is the fast internet connection. With Youtube and all that, who needs radio? If we did not move here I think I would still be relying on my FM radio waiting for a good song to come up. But what if horrible songs start to get famous? (I have newer entry on this) I will probably stop listening to music and move on to something else again. Even if we have a good internet connection in the Philippines, the computer doesn’t work properly anyway so it’s still no use. Here, we have a good working laptop. We can finally chat with friends. That’s something we can’t do back then.

I think the best part about being here is the church we attend to. In the Philippines, I’m not very excited to o to church because of many reasons: traffic jams, dull children’s Sunday classes, friends that I have known since birth but still barely know, and the feeling when I can’t seem to make up my mind if I am still supposed to be in Sunday class or not because I’m 12 and I don’t want to be at Sunday class but I don’t want to pretend to listen to the sermons that I used to find very boring back then either. When I know it’s Sunday, I’m not very excited about church, nor am I ever excited of ever waking up. Here I got closer to God because my mom always gathered us for prayer and Bible reading; trying to find comfort from homesickness. I also got closer to God from the stuff I learn from PACEs. When I got closer to Him, the Friday sermons aren’t boring anymore. (We go to church here during Friday.) Besides, the church here is different. During Sundays at AWANA is always fun. We get to learn a lot of things, memorize verses, and learn about God, all of which the old Sunday school lacked because I barely learn anything when everyone is restling and teasing each other and trade Pokemon cards.

Even if this country is different, I know God can help us get used to things. He has provided us what we need. We have nice Chrisitan Education (homeschooled), and I like it better than my old school. We have our family too. We may be in a different country but God didn’t change.