This is an old entry from my first day of homeschool life back in 2009. I just thought I’d put some of my old journal entries here.

Monday, October 9, 2009

Today in my Science PACE (that’s what we call our homeschool work books), I should be looking at bread molds under a microscope. I thought that doing that would be very interesting because before at our old flat in Mushrif (that’s a place Abu Dhabi), we didn’t have a refrigerator so molds keep growing on our food if we don’t eat them immediately. Like this one time, we left our meat loaf in the kitchen OVER NIGHT. The next day, it was like a mini-garden full of molds. The first layer of molds were green, the next layer on top of it was orange and it was kind of powdery, and the last and thickest layer looked like spider webs. Too bad we didn’t have a microscope… besides, we don’t have bread molds either because now we have a refrigerator.

So I searched molds in the web, and found some videos that were gross and interesting at the same time. I found out that the molds that grew on our ONE DAY OLD meat loaf–the molds that looked like very thick spider webs–would grow darker by time. In the case of our ONE DAY OLD meat loaf, maybe the next day, the molds would have grown dark already if we didn’t throw it away. I also saw some pictures of mold growing on the ceiling of an old building, which was really gross.

I also learned that molds aren’t just gross, they’re actually useful God designed them to help with decaying, and maybe help make those moldy chees we keep seeing–but never buying–in the grocery. I heard some people really love those cheese…