Waking up at 4:12

2 days ago we went on vacation because of an islamic holiday that I have no idea what it’s actually about (because I live in an Arab country… But that doesn’t mean I’m an Arab, okay?) My sister and I got our own room in the hotel, and my mom and dad have their own room. It was a nice quiet room with a big, bulky, old-fashioned, round-screen TV that isn’t very clear. The view from the huge, beautifully-curtained window was an old, abandoned building filled with nets and debris at the bottom. The view and the TV was not very nice but the room had comfortable twin beds; like it was built just for both of us. Plus, the temperature was nice and cool that I immediately forgot about the hot desert outside. So yeah, it was an awesome room for an awesome vacation–not to mention the shallow events later at 4 in the morning.

I brought my acoustic guitar with me so I could have a chance to play in a quiet space where there are no neighbors to knock at our door during 5 in the afternoon saying that I should play quietly because they are trying to sleep–as if they don’t make plenty of noises from partying too loud at night. I don’t why I have to add this to this blog.. maybe because I feel the need to let that out because I am ANNOYED by them. 

So anyway, on our first night, before going to bed, I told my sister, “What if we set our alarms to 4:12 am and wake up on purpose?” Of course I was not suggesting the we should, but we got obsssessed with the thought (because we love Switchfoot so much) and found ourselves setting our alarms to 4:10, just so we could wake up, open our bottled juices and our Ipods and dance to “4:12” while celebrating the moment. (4:12 only last for about one minute a day anyway.) After we finished the song and the special minute, we went back to bed. Hahahah…..